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26 June - 26 July 2009

'Musique du Pont Volant'
World Premiere Installation
Flying Singing Bridge

Co-Produced by CitySonics & Jodi Rose
Institut Supérieur d'Architecture de Mons
88 rue d'Havré 7000 Mons, Belgique

Crossing a city of sounds

Now in its seventh edition, City Sonics invades the city center of Mons with over thirty audio installations and acoustic environments. Once more, the festival questions sound and matter, listening to its stories about ourselves and others, about here and there, about the sounds of the world and their sweet opposites.

In twelve locations, "indisciplinary" artists offer creations and dialogues with visitors of all ages and categories. This temporary enchantment of the city is poetic resistance against the dark planetary times that are upon us and the chaosounds that aggress us daily. Sound is a fantastic medium that addresses our body and senses: there is no need to be a music lover or contemporary art expert to enjoy these works of sound.

The path chosen by the sound pirates of City Sonics invites you on a stroll through space/time, created by these works in what becomes a space of permanent metamorphosis.

Philippe Franck, Artistic Director



post residency salon
monday 15th june 20:30
Q-O2 werkplaats for sound art
Washuisstraat 28 Rue de la Buanderie
Bruxelles-Capitale B-1000

During the Q-O2 residency Jodi Rose developed a musical interface in collaboration with Frederik De Wilde, to trigger audio samples. The audio samples are field recordings of different bridges from all over the world. The interface will be live performed by Jodi Rose and available for public try-out. In addition a score (in progress) made by Jodi Rose will be running on 6 speakers. The audience is invited to explore the Q-O2 space whilst listening to composition.

Furthermore you can expect a multitrack concert by Frederik De Wilde as well as by Jodi. During the residency he used fieldrecordings from the vast bridges audio library of Jodi Rose and reworked and processed the field recordings to a music concrète composition (20') with a spectral touch.



Filmer la Musique
Noise Box - Singing Bridges Performance Video Point Ephemere, Paris

Vibröfiles Plastic People
Music track by Erik Minkkinen featuring. bridge samples

Global Bridges on Radio Aporee
Take an audio trip across bridges all over the world

Intro in Situ, Muziek en Klank
Development Residency, Maastricht, NL

Kunsttour Maastricht
50th Bridge! Live concert on the Hoge Brug

Electrified Summercamp
Vooruit & Timelab
Bridge Concert - July 18th 16:00 Keizersbrug, Ghent

Sonorama Besançon
Paysage Sonore October 8-11th
Futurist Dream Bridge Installation


Singing Bridges CD available now

The double CD Singing Bridges Vibrations : Variations is out now on the Sonic ArtStar record label. You can purchase it directly from the Sonic ArtStar website.

Singing Bridges Vibrations : Variations is a document of Jodi Rose's sonic odyssey to record bridges around the world, and features remixes by international sonic artstars.



Launching new artist run independent record label dedicated to sound art. Visit the Sonic ArtStar website.



Listen to audio recordings from Singing Bridges performances.


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1. Anzac Bridge, Sydney.
The beginning of a life journey. Recorded during construction with the assistance of ABC Radio (Roz Cheney, John Jacobs, Philip Ullman) 1995

2. Global Bridge Symphony
Surround Sampler for installation and performance. Composed with Michael Bates, Sydney University Architecture Department, Audio and Acoustics Lab.

3. Live at Club Gloria
Helsinki Pixelache Electronic Arts Festival 2004. First ever live performance, with Lasse Kaikkonen (Kantele), Jussi Lehtipuu (Cello), Jodi Rose (bridges), and Mari Keski-Korsu (Live video)

4. Golden Gate Bridge
recorded and composed by Jodi Rose, 2002-2005.

5. Golden Resonance
Remix by Jacob Kirkegaard 2005


Bridge Recordings

RAMA VIII Bridge, Bangkok
Feb 2006

Recording the RAMA VIII Bridge in Bangkok, at the invitation of Pelle Gustavsson, Swedish Bridge engineer who wants to hear the bridge played like Jimi Hendrix. Accompanied by Mari Keski-Korsu and Lisa Duff who filmed and documented the recording and bucket-ride.

Eleanor Schonell Bridge (aka Green Bridge), Brisbane
December 2006

The world's first permanent sound installation amplifying two cables of the bridge you can hear on interactive touch-screen while crossing the bridge. Thanks to Brisbane City Council and John Holland Construction for having the vision and dedication to seeing this project complete!

Read more about this the Greeen Bridge:

Technology and art combine to help bridge sing (PDF)
New 'singing' bridge a world first (PDF)

Mária Valéria bridge, Štúrovo (Slovakia) - Esztergom (Hungary)
November 2005 – February 2006

Bridge Guard Residential Art/Science Centre

Bridge guards cross and move boundaries.
Bridge guards build virtual bridges
that help to protect the real bridge.

Anzac Bridge Blackwattle Bay, Sydney, Australia
20th June 1994

Roz Cheney playing the Glebe Island Bridge cablesRoz Cheney playing the Glebe Island Bridge cables, June 1996

This was the first bridge to spark my curiosity about the sound of its cables. Crossing the old Pyrmont Bridge every day to get to art school, I watched the bridge rise and stretch up into the sky. The cables looked just like a giant harp, and I wanted to play on them. With the help of Roz Cheney and ABC Radio's The Listening Room, I was able to make this first recording. On my recent trip to record bridges around the world, it astounded me to find that many people still imagine Australia to be a land of Kangaroos, small towns and emptiness.

My Thuan Bridge, Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Friday 5th April 2002

Walked across the My Thuan Bridge with the guide and a crazy German woman. The driver dropped us off about a mile from the approach and the walk took over an hour, everyone was tired of waiting so they hired motorbike youths to come pick us up. Very exciting ride down off the bridge, although a little hair-raising in the Vietnamese traffic. I have a lot of respect for the attitude of just go and it will flow around you, whoever honks loudest has right of way. Made a recording of the cables, with Thao one of the guides banging on them. They made a lovely bell sound with great distortion when I cranked the level way up. The view was amazing, delta stretched out for miles and the blue cables are gorgeous, bought a mango halfway up - you can't do that on the Anzac Bridge.

My Thuan BridgeThuan Bridge, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

My Thuan BridgeMy Thuan Bridge, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Saturday 20th April 2002

On Saturday caught the train to Rotterdam, saw windmills and tulip fields and sailing boats with the sails incongruously floating through the grass in the remarkably flat countryside. Walked to the bridge and miked up cables, railings, the walkway - then the bridge opened and that was awesome. Got the grinding of the machinery closing the roadway and once the traffic started again some great trams and bikes from inside the resonant railings. Adam pointed out that you don't mike the strings on a guitar, but the soundboard and it's perfectly reasonable to get more sound out of the surrounding structure than the actual cables. Definitely the most satisfying sound so far, and it's all about the process after all. If I knew how they would sound before I did it there wouldn't be much point, I guess.

Erasumus BridgeErasumus Bridge, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Erasumus BridgeErasumus Bridge, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Matinkaari Bridge, River Vantaanjoki, Helsinki, Finland
Friday 26th April 2002

On the expedition to record this bridge, I was accompanied by two of the media artists I met in Helsinki. Mari videoed the endeavour and Lasse climbed up into the cables behind the pylon and drummed out a rhythm on them. A group of Finnish fishermen nearby were intrigued and came over to find out what was going on. The Matinkaari Bridge is on a peaceful lake behind the Arabia factory, makers of iconic 70's ceramic wares and now part of the school of media art and design.

Matinkaari BridgeMatinkaari Bridge, Helsinki, Finland

Matinkaari BridgeMatinkaari Bridge, Helsinki, Finland

Glienicke Brucke, Potsdam, Germany
Thursday 30th May 2002

Novy Most Bridge, Danube River, Bratislava, Slovakia
Monday 3rd June 2002

Walking onto the Novy Most, I was a little nervous as my friend Bianca had passed on her Slovak Grandfathers warning: not to loiter, or even walk across the bridge, as you were likely to be mugged or attacked. The contrast between the 14th Century castle on one side of the Danube, and the 60's communist ghetto on the other was remarkable. I found the graffiti on the walkway beautiful, and saw gypsies busking in the streets of the old town, but no 'undesirables' on the bridge, simply people walking to and from work. The circular bar at the top is classic 70's kitsch and provided a wonderful view and trashy euro-pop with grape cider.

Novy Most BridgeNovy Most Bridge, Bratislava, Slovakia

Novy Most BridgeNovy Most Bridge, Bratislava, Slovakia

Millennium Bridge, River Thames, London UK
Monday 17th June 2002

The Millennium Bridge was closed two days after it first opened due to the violent swaying of up to 70mm caused by the sideways loads generated by the footsteps of the crowd. This phenomenon is now referred to as Synchronous Lateral Excitation. I could hear the instability in the cables' chaotic babble even after the problem was fixed; and wished I had heard them before the dampers were applied.

Millennium BridgeMillennium Bridge, London, UK

Tower Bridge, River Thames, London, UK
Wednesday 24th June 2002

Tower BridgeTower Bridge, London, UK

Jacques Cartier Bridge, St Lawrence River, Montreal, Canada
Tuesday 13th August

Green Island Bridge, Hudson River, Troy, USA
Friday 16th August 2002

Brooklyn Bridge, East River, New York City, USA
Friday 23rd August 2002

Friday night, met Lisa at the Guggenheim, an exhibition of moving images, the space is so fantastic I love just hanging out leaning over the balcony on each level of the spiral, watching the video garden colours flicker on the ground floor. We took a cab to Hudson bar on 58th, a Philippe Starck designed level of NY excess. Coloured glass floor and minimalist white sculpted chairs and a modern gentleman's club den in the back room full of books, leather couches and pastoral landscapes. Drank some champagne, then took another taxi to the Brooklyn Bridge. The cables sound gorgeous, those diagonal ones that cross over the multiple vertical cables in particular had a fantastic rhythm happening. The waning full moon shining over Brooklyn, the lights of the city sparkling, absolutely glorious.

Brooklyn Bridge, recording the cablesBrooklyn Bridge, recording the cables. New York City, USA

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, California USA
Friday 18th October 2002

A classic landmark, one of the icons that defines San Francisco and a significant tourist destination. The placement of Emergency Phone and Crisis Counselling as you walk onto the bridge is a hint of the many people who come here to commit suicide. During its 65 year history, over 1,200 people have jumped from the Golden Gate, making it the leading site for suicide in the world. The Bureau of Inverse Technology created the "despondency index" by capturing vertical movement from the bridge and cross referencing the dates with the NY stock exchange. The sound of the cables reflects the violence and tension of the bridge with their tumultuous clamouring.

Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco Bay, California, USA

Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco Bay, California, USA


Singing Bridge World Events

Mar/Apr 2006

What Survives @ Performance Space, Sydney

Consisting of three major gallery-based sound installations and a program of commissioned works for two sound stations in the building, What Survives explores the real and imagined remnants of human presence in architecture.

The structures we build bear silent witness to human behaviour—what have the walls, beams and girders absorbed and what sonic secrets can be coaxed back out of them? Does this ephemeral material influence the energy of the spaces we inhabit? Taking inspiration from Rilke, What Survives conveys the indestructibility of energy and its subsequent transformations and manifestations.

GALLERY ARTISTS Nigel Helyer, Jodi Rose & Alex Davies
SOUND STATION ARTISTS Garry Bradbury, Joyce Hinterding, Aaron Hull, Somaya Langley, Amanda Stewart & Sumugan Sivanesan

Jun 2006

Diaspora Studio Workshops
National Theatre of Scotland, Glasgow

Collaboration with Nazli Tabatabai, Director Zendeh Theatre

Images/video - developing a lexicon of movements and stories based on bridge myths, experiences and poetics.

Dec 2005

Winner 'Australia's Best Blog' Competition run by Smartyhost - somewhat controversially...

Venice Biennale 2003, G-Mart Limbo Zone NOW LISTED for virtual trading on G-Mart. INVEST NOW IN COMGAS - The Cult of the Mad Genius Artstar. Register at to receive 10,000 G-Creditos. A once in a lifetime opportunity to GROW your media art portfolio with absolutely no risk. Invest in the cultural capital.

Jun 2003

Touring PrintROOM, a reading room for artists publications. CLUBS project inc, Fitzroy Melbourne. Contributed artist book.

Mar 2003

World Forum on Acoustic Ecology, "Australian Aeolian Sound Practices" Paper by Ros Bandt, VCA Federation Hall, Melbourne.

Mar 2003

High and Low with Roger Taylor, 3RRR Tuesday 18th March

Mar 2003

Hearing Place Exhibition and Audiotheque, Curator Ros Bandt Yarra Sculpture Gallery and VCA School of Art Student Gallery

Hearing Place, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, 2003Hearing Place, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, 2003

Artist Thomas Deverall listens to bridgesArtist Thomas Deverall listens to bridges

Sep 2002

Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria Contributor to Radiotopia sound database and broadcast

Aug 2002

Streaming the Fields garlic media event; Trading Master 43rd St Artist Shu Lea Cheang, New York City

New Media artists harvest garlic, Upstate New York, 2003New Media artists harvest garlic, Upstate New York, 2003

Garlic Trading, Dumbo, 28.09.2002Garlic Trading, Dumbo, 28.09.2002

Aug 2002

Unreliable Networks; electronic audio, video and immersive arts Remote Lounge, Bowery NY

Jul 2002, Berlin

Guest Appearance with CD Kreisverband Friedrichschain at Kunstraum, Kunstlerhaus Bethanian, Berlin

Guest Appearance, CD Kreisverband, July 2002Guest Appearance, CD Kreisverband, July 2002

May 2002

Singingbridges website included in rhizome online art database "The Rhizome ArtBase includes works of new media art - including net art, software art, computer games, and documentation of new media performance and installation - that are of potential historical significance. We define new media art as contemporary art that uses emerging technologies in significant ways. In order to evaluate potential historical significance, we look at: the work's aesthetic innovation, conceptual sophistication or political impact the work's relevance to the discourse of new media art the work's place in the artist or artists' oeuvre"

Apr 2002, Finland

Audio streaming of bridges as part of di-fusion media event, remote location from Helsinki.

Apr 2002

Reference in The Age newspaper article, Dr Karen Burns, Director, Centre for Ideas, VCA Melbourne. "I have another friend, Jodi Rose, who makes sound art based on her recordings of the sounds of bridges. Art can make us pay attention to the ordinary data that passes us by in the flow of life. Bridges, like cities, hum, reverberate in the wind, creak and strain. They have a sonic life."



Excerpt from review of "Sound in Space" at Sydney's MCA Published in Realtime 8, August - September 1995

Douglas Kahn

"In the Audiotheque curated by Alessio Cavallaro one can find Song to Dissolve the World, the work of Jodi Rose who went out to the Glebe Island Bridge with The Listening Room crew, wired it for sound and made like an industrial Harpo Marx with the pizzicato on the cables, the wind blowing its way through and so forth. This could be understood as a garage band cover of the long-winded Australian infatuation with things aeolian, but in no way is it a reaction: when Coltrane plays My Favorite Things do you ever once think of Julie Andrews? The mission of Song to Dissolve the World is much more exalted, like Scriabin who sought to bring about a "dematerialisation of the world" by performing Mysterion in Tibet, and it can be heard in Rose's written statement, which resounds with the zeal of a Judgde Schreber on religious radio:

"The city has become our temple, electronic networks our religion, and the inaudible vibrations of the bridge cables are the voice of the divine. The word of the universe soaks through my cochlea into the nerve centres. I am wired to god."

The bridge can no longer pass itself off as anything but a church."